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Family Without Borders

The Dark Horse Allies are an independent non-profit NGO with operations spanning Ukraine.

Working in cooperation with Ukrainian government officials, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense, non-profit organizations from around the world, multi-national volunteers and most importantly, the incredible citizens of Ukraine. With no contracts and not under the command of any government, DHA operates strictly on an independent mission of preserving innocent lives.  

DHA is an all-volunteer organization and its members do not receive any financial compensation.

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A Cause Worthy of Sacrifice

After Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an unprovoked assault on the people of Ukraine, it became apparent that the nations of the west would withhold from direct intervention. Unable to stand by and watch a nation of innocents being raped and murdered ... a number of volunteers from around the world began making the personal decision to go to Ukraine and do their part to support the innocent. Among those were the members of DHA. 

It is estimated that over 200,000 Ukrainian civilians voluntarily enlisted in the Ukrainian military during the week following the invasion. As thousands of additional civilians continue to join the fight every month, the accessibility of formal training is simply not feasible for the government to provide.

Dark Horse works with civilians-turned-warriors to provide them with the necessary training and skills to come home to their families alive. Our members consist of military veterans from multiple NATO countries who volunteer their time to provide training and support to newly formed Ukrainian units. DHA support doesn't end once a unit has finished our training program. We have members at the front line who meet with them once they've deployed to continue providing our support. We are honored to stand behind these brave men and women from the moment they first pick up a rifle, until they return home to their families.  


A word from the founder

At no point in my life, military or civilian, have I been a part of something where the ability to make a life-changing impact is so tangible. The selfless resolve and empathy of both the Ukrainians and the volunteers I'm privileged to work with, is inspiring, humbling and motivating. 

The effort to defend the innocent people of Ukraine is made up of baristas, bus drivers and civilians from every walk of life ... suddenly called upon to protect their loved ones. This opportunity to build relationships with them and watch them evolve from being terrified,  to having confidence in themselves and their team ... it's everything. Knowing that their odds of coming home alive just went from being very low, to considerably strong ... it is absolutely everything.

The Ukrainians have become my family. The volunteers have become my family. I am proud to have the opportunity to serve alongside them both. Slava Ukraini!


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